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The second most populated city in the US, Los Angeles is one of the big cities to which many of the country dream of moving. Actors and artists migrate to LA to jumpstart their careers. Executives and entrepreneurs want to be part of the buzz and excitement of the city. Young professionals just out of college love the social potential while seniors going into retirement might want to stay in one of the communities in the LA area near the beach. Are you planning your own move to the LA area? Here are a few things you’ll need to know:

Getting Around

Most people in the LA area have a car or at least a bike to help them navigate the sprawling metro. Public transportation can get a bad rep around the country, but those who live in LA and take the public transit can tell you that this has begun to change. The public transit system is expanding to areas outside of LA, and there are standard and express buses in the LADOT system that serve San Pedro. Beyond that, rideshares like Lyft and Uber are very popular options for getting around — which means you’ll have options as a resident and you can make some money on the side by working as a rideshare driver yourself.

The Food Scene

Located so close to Mexico, LA area residents can be spoiled when it comes to authentic tacos, burritos, and other delicious eats. You can find unbeatable Mexican eats anywhere from cozy restaurants to hip food trucks. In fact, when you’re in LA proper, make sure to try the wide variety of food trucks available to you. It’s not just delicious Mexican food that you’ll find in this area. You can find your favorite Thai place, burgers, Italian food, and more. Once you’ve eaten in LA, it will be hard to eat anywhere else.

The Job Hunt

With millions in the LA metro area, the workforce is a particularly competitive one. This is especially true if you plan to work in the entertainment industry, but it’s not limited to entertainment. It’s easiest to get a job in Los Angeles if you already live there, or if you’re transferring from a current job. It might be best to work into your budget a few month’s rent so that you have time to find a job after you move. It also might be easier to live and work in one of
the communities outside the city proper, like San Pedro.

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