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Housewarming gifts are a common way to celebrate a friend or family member moving into a new home. A housewarming gift both congratulates them for the new stage of their life and helps them to feel settled with something helpful like kitchen accessories or decor — or even just a casserole
or fruit basket so their first couple meals or snacks are taken care of.

4 Apartment Warming Gifts

But housewarming doesn’t have to be limited to buying a house. You can also show your support to your friends who are moving into a newly rented apartment. Need some help finding the perfect apartment warming gift? Here are our suggestions:

Homemade Bread

Everyone needs bread for their home. They’ll use bread to make sandwiches, toast, or to go along with a tasty soup. But chances are you want to do more than just buying a loaf of sliced bread from the grocery store. So why not make some homemade bread? If you have a breadmaker or a favorite bread recipe, this is the time to break it out. This will be a delicious and handy treat for the new apartment dwellers.

Kitchen Knife Set

If they need bread in the house, they’ll need to be able to cut that bread, as well as a number of other household goods. Most kitchens need more than just one type of knife, which is why knives are often sold in a set. They can rest in a custom knife block or be stuck to the wall by a magnet. This will not only welcome them into their new home but will serve them for years to come.

Bottle of Wine (and Corkscrew)

What better way to congratulate your friends and wish them luck in their next stage in life than with their favorite bottle of wine? They can have a drink on their first night in their new apartment, surrounded by boxes before they set to the work of unpacking. They can save the wine until they’re finally able to invite friends or family over to dinner. But go beyond a bottle of wine, by giving them a corkscrew as well. This will allow them to enjoy this gift even after the final drop is drunk.

Potted Plant

Greenery can breathe life into an apartment, especially since apartment renters are sometimes limited when it comes to decor options. A nice fern or succulent can be a great choice even for an apartment renter who doesn’t have a green thumb. A hanging plant can be a nice touch for a natural aesthetic look, too, if you know that your friends enjoy plants like ivy or pothos.

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