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Where you live isn’t just about your apartment. It’s also your community. The amenities that surround you, the people, the natural life — all these things play a role in how happy you’ll be in a particular place. If you love to explore nature, you can find plenty of opportunities to do so in the parks throughout San Pedro. Some of these parks are small, fresh playgrounds perfect for families while others take advantage of the stunning scenery of the beaches. Here are some of our favorite parks to be found in San Pedro.

Point Fermin Park

This park has it all: verdant green grass, wild coastal bluffs, hiking trails, picnic tables, even an amphitheater for live shows. Many San Pedro residents enjoy walking their dog through the park or having a barbecue at one of the barbecue pits. Its scenery might inspire some great pictures or art, and it offers a nice break from the rest of the world while you’re there. Among the 37 acres of landscaped park to be found here, you can find a characteristically leaning tree that locals and visitors alike love.

Averill Park

Averill Park is not what you might have in mind when you hear the words “urban park.” Its tranquil atmosphere actually feels like a reprise from the urban world. There’s a lovely stone bridge and a pond, surrounded by trees offering shade and ambiance. There’s even a lovely waterfall. Two rows of palm trees lead up to a picturesque white gazebo. The artificial pond even has ducks that visitors might love to feed.

Friendship Park

This park is as darling as the name would suggest. Sunny and floral plains make it great for a photoshoot or simply walking the dog, and it overlooks the water. There can be issues with rattlesnakes in the summer, but signs warn park patrons of the areas that require some caution. There’s even a nature center where you can learn about the area and see some of the natural exhibits that they’ve found around Friendship Park over the years.

White Point Park

White Point Park is not known for its grassy tranquility so much as it is the shore and the waters. In the southern portion of the park, you can find tidal pools as well as barnacles to delight parkgoers. Relaxing palm trees surround this park, making it a great place to take a day off with friends or to show the kids the tidal pools and ecosystems that can be found there.

The best way to get to know your new community is to explore it, and parks are a terrific opportunity to do so. Keep in mind these are just a few parks in San Pedro to get you started; there are many more to find. Still looking for your perfect apartment in San Pedro? La Corona Del Mar is a pet-friendly apartment management group with locations near some of the best parks as well as amenities in the area. Contact us today to learn more or to set up a tour.