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So you moved into your new apartment. All your things are unpacked and put where they need to go. The next step is to make the apartment truly your own by developing a design for it. Designing rental apartments can be difficult, as there are often limitations when it comes to the amount of changes you can make to the space. That said, many renters find their way to be creative with their living space regardless. Here are some of the top apartment design trends for 2021 to get you started:

Fill With Wall Hangings

Most property managers don’t allow tenants to paint the walls of the apartment, as they need to keep the apartment a neutral color that will suit any tenant. Wallpaper is also out, but you can add color to your walls through wall hangings. Bring your favorite pieces of art, homemade art, or hit the thrift stores, local art fairs, even a nearby department store. You can hang them on the walls with tacks or nails and simply cover up the hole before you move. If you don’t want to be bothered with filling holes over, you can use adhesive command hooks to hang your favorite art.

Color Through Furniture

You can also add color and life to your apartment through furniture. Don’t like your hardwood floors? A funky rug will give you something warm for your bare feet as well as vibrant color for the apartment. You can bring your favorite brightly colored chair or throw a patterned couch cover over the couch. Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture styles or colors, either. This will help to give nuance to your apartment design.

Pick a Theme

If you want to go all out with your design, pick a theme that suits your style. For instance, if you like something classic and nostalgic, consider a vintage theme, with classic furniture, neutrals, and accentuation of wood features throughout the space. If your sensibilities are more modern, an open minimalist vibe, with minimal furniture and light, airy colors could be just what you need. The industrial theme, which combines warm wood with elements of metals and stone, is particularly popular right now and can be enhanced through lighting fixtures, tables and chairs, and accessories.

Don’t Forget To Layer

You don’t want your apartment design to feel one-note. That’s why you should add a mixture of textures and colors in order to give it depth. This might be a wool knit blanket thrown over an otherwise smooth couch, or a layered color scheme rather than just one or two colors. Rugs on hardwood floors can help with layering. Here again, it helps to mix and match a bit in order to get the fullest design.

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