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The holidays are here again! Decorating your home with festive cheer can be an excellent way to get yourself into the holiday spirit. But decorating an apartment is quite different from decorating a house. Since you’re only responsible for part of the building, you have to focus on the interior rather than the exterior lights and decor. Are you ready to decorate your apartment for the holidays? Here are a few of our favorite tips:

Find the Right Tree

If you’re not sure yet how you want to decorate your apartment, start with the tree. Take stock of your apartment layout and where you might have room for a tree. From there, you can decide what kind of tree you need. Are you looking for a full, real tree or a slim synthetic tree? A half-tree, one that is flat on one side, is great if you have limited space and need the tree to fit into the corner. If you’re nerdy or crafty, you can make an artsy “Christmas tree” out of books or a ladder or even wrapping paper. You can even opt for a table or dresser-sized tree.

Wall Hangings

Even if you only have limited floor space, chances are you’ve got wall space. You may not be able to paint the walls of your apartment, but you can hang decorative pieces on the walls to make them less white and bland. Dedicate one section of your wall to be the holiday section, a festively themed gallery, if you will. You might hang a spiced wreath or some holiday themed prints to hang up. You might even hang your stockings in this section if you don’t have a mantle.

String Up Lights

No sight puts more holiday cheer in your heart than twinkling holiday lights. You can find brightly colored lights or classically beautiful white lights. Since you won’t be decorating the outside of the apartment, you can use these to your heart’s desire inside. String them up around any standing poles or hang them on the walls. You can wrap them around bookshelves or windows. The more lights, the better.

Window Decorations

If you find yourself missing the chance to decorate the outside of your home, consider finding window holiday decorations. These could be anything from pieces to sit on your window ledge or window decals to hang on the glass itself. You could wrap the corners of your window in tinsel or you can place a poinsettia display or a candle near the window to be viewed from the outside. If Hanukkah is your holiday of this month, this could be a good spot for the menorah.

Just because you’re in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your apartment to look stunning this year.  But if you’re still looking for the perfect apartment to move in this holiday season, look no further than La Corona Del Mar located in beautiful San Pedro, California. Contact us today and make sure you ask about our holiday move-in specials.