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Moving can be a strain on everyone involved — not just humans. It’s always good having moved, starting a new adventure in a new place and making your new home your own. But packing up your belongings and making the arrangements to move, as well as the process of actually driving to the new location. With long car rides and days of cluttered rooms, your cats may feel stressed and anxious. But you can take steps to make the move more comfortable for them. 

Make Sure the New Place is Cat Friendly

Of course, you want to choose an apartment complex that allows cats. Trying to hide a cat against the rules of your apartment could end up with you and your feline friend in search of a new home all over again. But that is not all that goes into a cat friendly home. Does the hallway of the new home smell? Is there a hospital, fire station, or police station nearby so that you might frequently hear sirens? Being moved to a new location with no warning (from a cat’s perspective) can be stressful enough. Make sure your new environment isn’t adding stressors.

Update Your Cat’s Information

Is your cat microchipped? Make sure that you update the microchip information so that if your cat gets out and is found by someone else, they can return them to the correct address. Some states may require you to register your pets. California requires cats to be licensed and up-to-date on rabies vaccinations. If your cat has a tag, you’ll want to be sure that you have your new address on their tags soon. In the process of a move, it could be easier for your kitties to get out, so take care to make sure they don’t run off…but if they do, they can be returned to you safely.

Bring the Cat Carrier Out Early

Cats hate spending prolonged hours in their cat carrier. This is even truer when it comes to long car rides. But you can make the unpleasant experience a little less scary for them simply by getting them adjusted to the cat carrier. Days before your move, bring the cat carrier out into the room and leave it open. This way, the cat can come and go, sniffing it out and leaving their scent on it. You can also make it more comfortable for them by sprinkling it with catnip (in the days leading up to the move) or with calming pheromones (on the day of the move) so that they’re less likely to panic.

At La Corona Del Mar, we want to make this the purrfect home for you and your kitty to have the smoothest transition possible.  We offer one and two bedroom apartments in beautiful San Pedro, California that are all cat-friendly. Contact us today to learn more about moving in with your cats or to ask about our holiday move-in special.