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Having a roommate is a great way to go through a new experience with a close friend, or to lower your rent cost by splitting it between the two of you. Depending on the size of the apartment and the lease, you might even have a couple roommates. However, in any living situation, adjustments have to be made. Particularly when it comes to cleaning, sharing the load will allow you to more easily keep the peace in the house. But how do you come up with a cleaning schedule that everyone can be happy with? Here are a few of our tips.

Consider Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Maybe one roommate is very particular about how to do the dishes, but hates the smell of garbage, while the other finds dishes tedious but doesn’t mind taking out the trash. On the other hand, maybe you dusting or laundry is soothing to one roommate and not another. Consider writing down a list of chores beginning with the chores you’re most comfortable taking on and ending with the chores you’re least comfortable taking on. Between you and the rest of the house, you may be able to knock out all your chores.

Take Everyone’s Schedules Into Account

Who has to wake up earliest on weekdays? Maybe that person could be responsible for taking the trash out on trash day. On the other hand, maybe the person who stays up the latest could do the dishes at the end of the day. For bigger projects like cleaning the apartment, you can hold off until a day when you’re all available, so everyone can help out.

Correlate Cooking and Cleaning

One popular method of dividing up chores is to determine that whoever cooks for the night is free from having to do dishes. This may work for you and your roommate or roommates. However, some homes actually prefer the opposite. Particularly if you have one roommate who tends to make simple recipes without many dishes and another who makes more elaborate meals, you might set a rule that you have to clean the dishes you use, whatever that might be.

Mix It Up With a Rotation Schedule

There are some chores that no one will want to do every day, but they still need to be done. That’s why it helps to have a rotation schedule. Say Roommate A does this chore on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and Roommate B does the chore on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, with some sort of exception made for Sunday. You could also switch chores every week if that’s your preference. A chore wheel is also a good way to keep chores fair and impartial.

Write It Down

Whatever you agree on, writing down your chore roster for the day will help keep things organized. This could be a whiteboard or on an organizational app somewhere that you all use. You can even check off when the chores are done for a more satisfying feeling.

Figuring out how to live together is an essential part of having any roommate. But are you and your roommate(s) still looking for the perfect place? La Corona Del Mar offers one and two bedroom pet-friendly apartments in San Pedro. Contact us today to learn more or to book a tour.