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Planning a trip to San Pedro? Whether you’re just stopping by for a visit, checking out the community before you move, or you’re moving soon, it’s best to have an itinerary ready before you head out. This will give you a game plan so you can make the most of your time — and if you plan to move to San Pedro, as we hope you do, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the surroundings of your new home.

San Pedro is a smaller community within the Los Angeles metro area. A historic port community, it’s more relaxed than Los Angeles proper, and enjoys much of the same diversity with unlimited opportunities in the historically and culturally rich slice of heaven we in San Pedro call home.

Cabrillo Marine Aquarium

Are you curious about marine life? Want to take your kids on an excursion that can be both fun and educational? Check out the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium (designed by the world famous Frank Gerhy). Their exhibits include the Southern California Marine Habitats Hall, recreating natural habitats like kelp forests, mudflats, open ocean, and sandy beaches. There’s also an Aquatic Nursery where both the marine life can be fed and where marine life are raised to become human food. There’s a wide variety of sea life here to enjoy, and you’re likely to both enjoy yourself and learn something new while you’re there.

Point Fermin Park

The beauty of living in San Pedro is being able to be within easy walking distance of the water. Point Fermin Park includes opportunities to view whales and ships passing and  stunning views of the Pacific and Catalina Island. Have a picnic in the park or enjoy the cool water on a warm day. While you’re there, you can also catch sight of the “sunken city,” (site of famous scene from The Big Leboski) the site of a natural landslide that occurred in 1929. Because of the danger of this landslide, the Sunken City is closed to the public, but there is a perimeter fence so that you can see it from a safe distance.

Fort MacArthur Military Museum

Named after General Arthur MacArthur, Fort MacArthur in San Pedro was in operation from 1914 to 1974. These days, there is only a small portion used as an airbase. The rest has become the Fort MacArthur Military Museum. The museum works to preserve Fort MacArthur and educate visitors of its history, including the 1942 Los Angeles Air Raid, the World Wars, and the American Pacific Theater military campaigns.

The best news is that all of these attractions are within walking distance of La Corona Del Mar. When you move into our pet friendly apartments, you’ll be able to easily access all of these attractions and more, helping you to feel right at home in San Pedro. Interested in learning more of what you can do in San Pedro? Contact us today for more information or to set up a tour.