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Banning Museum and Drum Barracks Civil War Museum are a short drive from La Corona Del Mar

Banning Museum

The Banning Residence was built in 1864. This home’s construction symbolized Phineas Banning’s confidence in the future of his community.

The house and surrounding 20 acres of parkland were acquired by the City of Los Angeles in 1927. The Residence is a City, State, and National Historic Landmark. The Department of Recreation and Parks manages the Residence..read more. 

The Drum Barracks Civil War Museum is near the Banning Museum. This is the last remaining original Civil War era military facility in the Los Angeles area. Not to be missed if your a Civil War historyDrum Barracks buff! This facility served as the Union Army headquarters in the Southwest (Southern California and the Arizona Territory) from 1861- 1871.  Read more…